The Spark Method

Reach your next level of creative achievement with a system that adapts to your brain.

Learn about the ultimate organization system for the creative achiever.

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Adapt the system to your brain, not your brain to the system.

If you feel you've hit a plateau, it's not you. It's your system. Learn how to build a system that adapts to your own needs so you can breakthrough your next level of creative achievement.

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Stay organized

Manage the tasks, ideas and information that you need for all your projects.

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Stay focused

Capture insights, thoughts and random ideas without loosing focus on your activities.

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Complete projects

Manage a greater number of simultaneous projects and complete more of them.

A hybrid method with digital and physical tools.

Digital tools have greatly improved our communication and productivity but with a big downside: constant distractions. This method combines digital and physical tools to help you achieve more and stay focused.

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A principles-based method than all creatives can adapt.

By using a set of principles rather than rules, the Spark Method can be easily adapted to serve different purposes and can be used for different types of projects. 

Meet your facilitator!

Hi. I am Patricio Ramal. My background, while eclectic, shares a common thread: the continuous exploration of the human condition and the creative mind.

From designing consumer research to understanding the biological underpinnings that drive human action I've developed my human behavior expertise through a +22 year career in marketing, advertising, consulting, teaching, sales, and entrepreneurship.

More than 5 years of tinkering with a method that would help me maximize the creative power of my mind while still helping me remain productive, focused and achievement-oriented is distilled here: The Spark Method workshop.

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