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Human Potential

A mysterious force yet to be grasped; one that never fully develops because of its infinite nature.

An inherent capacity in all, waiting to become a force with the power to change your world...

The Manifesto

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To be humble

To be resilient

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What is personal development?

Learn about the meaning of personal development and the impact it can have in your life.


Elements of Personal Development

Personal development is a philosophy; a long-life journey. It is integrated by a few core elements that, when properly aligned, will help you reach greater levels of learning and achievement.


Personal development is an intentional, active, and long-life journey; one that starts, evolves and end with purpose. Identifying and constantly refining your purpose is one of the key elements of sustained personal development.


Information, understanding, and knowledge are separate elements in the journey towards wisdom. While we may have an infinite amount of information, only through understanding is it that we are able to gain the insight that turns into knowledge.


Knowledge and insight are worth little without action. The act of creating anything requires action. Successful individuals have a bias towards action. They can learn by understanding but they realize the process isn't complete without action.


Anything that needs long-term sustainment is best achieved if we can turn it into a habit. It's the most efficient way to encode learning so that it becomes almost effortless. From the physical to the mental, they provide the foundation for sustainable success


Knowing what not to do is as, possibly more, important than knowing what to do. By constantly evaluating our personal development elements, plans and results we can make the necessary adjustments that will keep us on the achievement path.

The Spark Series Workshops

A series of digital workshops that will give you the knowledge and tools to support you in your personal development journey.

Spark Method


One-time Payment

The ultimate organizing method for the creative mind.

Organize your thoughts

Improve your ideas

Manage multiple projects

Get more done

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Spark Development


One-time payment

A comprehensive approach to life-long personal development.

8-week program

Define your values and purpose

Create a roadmap to your goals

Measure your progress

Learn to develop habits

Stay motivated, focused and flexible

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Spark Action


One-time payment

An effective method for constantly putting goals into actions.

4-week program

From purpose to goals to actions

The 3S Model


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our workshops can vary in format. Each individual lesson is typically 12-15 minutes long. The length of the program will depend on the number of lessons and whether you can go through the content all at once or if it's parsed out on a weekly basis. Our most common formats are 2 hours, and 4 and 8 weeks.

Our workshops are a one-time payment fee which gives you access to the workshop and the content for a full year. 

It varies by course, but usually starts with a minimum of 4 lessons that are 12-15 mins long plus a reflection, assignments and practice time.

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