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To be derailed

distractions focus Apr 17, 2020

It's easy to pick out the big things and neglect the small ones. But the smaller ones tend to have the most impact.

The challenge is that we barely notice some of them. Little quirks here and there. But with great impact.

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To be consistent

consistency discpline Apr 16, 2020

I know!

Novelty is fun and consistency or routine is boring. But once has a better track record for sustained results and long-term success.

Leave space for novelty. Just not at the expense of consistency.

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To be self-deluded

action delusion motivation Apr 15, 2020

Without action, motivation won't last for long, anyway. It will be a short self-delusion but they can add up. Beware.

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To be honest

honesty speaking truth Apr 14, 2020

Yet we do it all the time. It actually feels easier to speak truth to others before speaking it to ourselves.

Apologize in advance, if that helps, but don't hold back the truth from yourself.

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To be a doer

ability action doer Apr 13, 2020

Compartmentalization is another name for it. The same outcome, though. 

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To be opportune

Uncategorized Apr 10, 2020

Timing is everything.

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To be responsible

paradox responsibility Apr 09, 2020

Responsibility is a journey. One you have to do alone.

Paradoxically, it starts with taking responsibility for it.

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To be stagnant

action insight Apr 08, 2020

Even the most powerful insights, even epiphanies, will fade without action.

Thoughts are short-lived. Use them.

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To be accepting

acceptance choice Apr 07, 2020

The beautiful thing about options. There are so many of them.

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To be receptive

feedback strenghts Apr 06, 2020

Indeed, feedback can show us a world that we are not used to seeing.

An unfiltered perspective offering clarity of distance. An external view that will almost always surprise you.

But it's only useful if you are receptive. 

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