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A framework to help you navigate life with greater confidence, resilience, and purpose and work productively through life's challenges to achieve personal fulfillment.


360-431 -  If your score falls within this range, you're at the beginning of a thrilling journey. Imagine your spark as a tiny ember, just waiting to burst into flame. This phase is characterized by an increase in self-awareness and discovery. You might be feeling unfulfilled or stuck in a transition point in your life. You can continue to make progress by exploring and gathering the elements needed to ignite your confidence, resilience, and purpose, so you can start turning that ember into a luminous spark.


432-503 - If your score aligns here, you're fanning the flames of progress. Think of your spark as a growing fire, warming up the spaces within you. This phase is often characterized by an increase in openness and self-acceptance. Your sense of purpose might be getting clearer and you are developing the courage to pursue it. Insights into self-integration and adapting to challenges can add fuel to your fire, creating a beautiful and radiant spark.


504-575 - Falling into this range means your spark is blazing with progress towards greater fulfillment. Envision your spark as a vibrant beacon, illuminating the path ahead. This is a critical phase in your path towards fulfillment as you begin to integrate the different elements. And as you integrate different aspects of yourself and your surroundings, your spark can begin to shine brighter, casting light on your purpose and the courage you've nurtured.


576-647 - If your score lands here, it's kindling mastery. Imagine your spark as a skilled artisan's forge, crafting a masterpiece. This phase can be characterized by a deep sense of self-awareness, greater courage and clarity of purpose. As you shift towards a more proactive mindset, challenges are met with the heat of confidence, melding personal growth seamlessly with life's intricacies, forging a more intricate sense of purpose and fulfillment.


648-720 - Your score in this range is a brilliant inferno of fulfillment. Picture your spark as a guiding star, lighting up the night sky. This stage is characterized by a deeper and more cohesive integration of the different elements. You've woven together the different threads of yourself and the world, creating a dazzling constellation of purpose, resilience, and confidence that can light up your journey and help you deal with life’s challenges in a more productive way.

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